Waterfront Retaining Walls

Beach Retaining Wall ConstructionRock, stone or boulder retaining walls for lake front properties are environmentally friendly, stunning to look at and structurally sound when constructed properly. Rock and boulder retaining walls often enhance a waterfront property, offer the best product and design for working within the buffer, and protect the land from erosion.

Prime Construction offers the expertise and equipment to design and construct waterfront retaining walls that comply with state permitting requirements. Walls can be constructed as a stand alone wall or a multi-terraced system using different materials:

  • Rock retaining walls use found stones, which are stacked into a vertical structure. This process is a “no frills” way to retain dirt.
  • Boulder retaining walls use found boulders and are commonly used for retaining walls of any height. Gaps between boulders can vary greatly, as can the surface.
  • Stone retaining walls use rocks that are altered (chiseled, hammered, split, or feathered and wedged) to form tightly constructed walls with small gaps. Wall surface can appear very uniform.

Perched Beaches

Retaining walls are also used to construct natural looking perched beaches, which add beauty and recreational space to a waterfront property.  Prime Construction is experienced with beach construction and New Hampshire state permitting requirements. Note: Valid beach permits must be available before Prime Construction can begin any waterfront work.

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