freestanding rock wallFreestanding rock walls are different from retaining walls in that they aren’t used to hold back or retain soil. Instead, a freestanding rock wall can be used to add decorative yet functional elements to a yard or outdoor space. A freestanding wall can be used to:

  • Define a property’s boundaries, providing a strong and striking perimeter.
  • Added to a patio to provide additional seating and balance to a hardscape.
  • Provide a strong, but natural barrier along roads, cliffs or other areas where the land slopes or drops off.
  • When paried with stone features, such as pillars or curved ends, a freestanding wall can transform a driveway or road entrance. Ideal for entrances to sub divisions, camp grounds, hotels or condo developments.

Freestanding rocks walls are made from carefully selected and stacked rocks, boulders or stones to form a beautiful and natural rock wall.  The natural colors, texture and free flowing look of a freestanding rock wall compliments New England landscapes far better than concrete or manufactured blocks. And, when constructed properly, they are very strong, guaranteed to weather New England winters and last a lifetime.

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