Rock, Boulder & Stone Retaining Walls

stone-retaining-wallRetaining walls can be constructed from different materials. While some prefer the look of concrete block or brick retaining walls, Prime Construction specializes in stone, boulder and rock retaining walls. For New England properties, these type of retaining walls compliment the surrounding landscape and add natural beauty to any property. When properly designed and constructed, ensuring proper water drainage from behind the wall, a stone retaining wall will withstand New England weather and last a lifetime.

There are number of different functions retaining walls offer:

  • If a flat area (usually a yard or driveway) has been extended with fill, a retaining wall helps to stabilize the fill and eliminate erosion over time.
  • For areas, such as a hillside, that have been excavated to create usable space, a retaining wall stabilizes the fresh hillside.
  • Retaining walls can be used to create terraced flat areas, which can be used for gardens, play areas, etc, or used to reduce the size of a needed retaining wall. For example, if an 8’ retaining wall is needed to secure an area near your house, the area could be terraced with two 4’ retaining walls and the space between the walls used for plantings. The plantings define the second plain and “soften” the height of the wall.
  • As feature walls on a property, retaining walls can add interest to the end of a driveway, area near a house or at the water’s edge. This type of wall is a great way to tie all the landscaping together.
  • Retaining walls are also used for perched beach construction, adding beauty and recreational space to a waterfront property.  Note: perched beach construction requires a state issued permit.

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